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MOOKS: n Refers to generic goons in Television and role-playing games. Mooks are usually
faceless henchmen who show up only to be easily dispatched by the main characters.

Welcome To The Mooks Portal

This site is designed to be used to house RPG characters, specifically player characters and generic non-player characters. But an archive if you will. You, as the owner of your character, will enter the information into the archive. Others as GMs or players (less so), will be able to print the character out and use him or her in their game. It is hoped that if someone does use your character, they'll add a bit if history to him (or her :) ) thereby giving you some additional background when you're not running :) In addition, folks will be able to rate characters on things like how well built the character is.

The Mooks Portal Forum

To support The Mooks Portal, I've set up a forum. It's not intended to be a general meeting place although there is an Off Topic discussion forum, but a place to discuss Mooks and my Development process.

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Shadowrun Mooks

The first Mooks site is Shadowrun based. Mainly because it's the first project I'm working on. I've moved all the development projects to my offsite dev system (my Mac Powerbook) and will push out any updates to the Shadowrun Mooks site as they're ready. I've also set up a login system which works across all the Mooks sites (but not the Forums as it's managed differently).

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